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Learn French in Paris with confidence by taking private French lessons or enjoying a French immersion program

How would you like to learn French in Paris ?

Whether  you are

  • Individuals relocating to Paris wishing to be able to communicate effectively with the French
  • Professionals working within a French organization and looking to improve their Business French skills

You would prefer to learn French language in a welcoming atmosphere in your place in or around Paris

What are the advantages of having private French lessons in Paris ?

  • Having private French lessons with Paris Version à la Française will help you to communicate in French language in any private or business situation in just a few time.
  • You will have tailored French lessons according to your personal needs, your goals, your current level and your schedule.
  • Would you have to get prepared for a French language exam, you could have intensive training courses in a short time.

Why would you prefer to learn French with Pascale, your private French tutor in Paris Version à la Française ?

  • As a graduated native French teacher in my own registered French training organization “Paris Version à la Française”, I’ll let you improve your French skills very quickly and get more confidence in French language on a professional level.
  • As a classroom can be intimidating I only propose my French program in either 1 to 1 tuition or small groups:

Private French lessons

Skype French courses

Conversation and refreshment programs

Immersion programs in Paris

French lessons for beginners in Paris or online

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« I highly recommend Pascale as a French teacher. As an American ex-pat with no foreign language skills now in France, I was provided with a private tutor once a week and a three month long, four hours per day government-sponsored language class and was still a functional illiterate in French as proven by consistently failing practice tests for the DILF. With barely a month to go to the exam date, I found Pascale; a lucky day indeed! … » Read more