French accents

Not easy to understand a foreign movie without the help of subtitles in the original language!

Of course, I always advise my students to see a French movie in its French Version with subtitles in their language so I’ll be sure they will understand it, but I have to admit that it’s not always easy to find it in the distribution…

However, I don’t honestly think that this is the best way of understanding, according to my latest experience with an American film that I discovered  at its release in Paris in March.

It was just released on DVD in Europe and I chose to watch it again in its original version,  without any subtitles, only for fun !

It’s always one of my best films of this year,  but I have to say that I was really struggling to keep the dialogue on …. although I start to understand different « English/American » accents, but this one was very difficult for me!

By the way what is for you the worst French accent ?


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