Our new November 11

From this year, the commemoration of November 11 is no longer related to the end of the ‘great war’ but is now a day of remembrance and tribute to all who died for France ». Of course, there is more « poilus », these famous World War I veterans, to attend the wreath-laying ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe, but however why to turn a victory into a funeral rite for all French soldiers and civilians killed during the last wars?

As I was born in Lorraine, my childhood was very deeply marked by World War I, many of my ancestors having lost their lives in this war as in many families especially in this part of France. For me, November 11 was until then the memory of all these young conscripts, killed in fierce fighting, and of their life nightmare in the trenches, their names being engraved on the memorial of my village.

Fortunately, the Museum of the Great War in Meaux, which was inaugurated last year, allows us to not forget the horrors of it. So here is my advice to all my foreign friends expatriates or living in Paris: Go and  visit it, because November 11 is fortunately still holiday!

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