Courrier International : The French viewed from abroad

The French viewed from abroad: Are we normal or special?

In its latest special issue, Courrier International points to our typical French paradox between the fact that our president declared himself as « normal » while we invoke our French specificities and exceptions in many cases: politics, lifestyle, education, work…

Are the French normal? 33 reasons to doubt it

The foreign press is not very kind with us and the published articles can make us smile or annoy us, but it is a great opportunity for us to perceive the gaze of foreigners living in France.

Moreover, what doest it mean to be « normal »? ordinary, banal or conform to standards? In her article « in France, »normal » is a compliment » the British journalist Jennifer Yee makes a very good analysis on the semantic level for her countrymen. For them ‘normal’ is not very flattering unlike « special « which is an attractive adjective overseas (out of standard) and is rather insulting in France (unnormal, strange) …

Did you say “normal” or “special” ?


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