The Bohemians in Paris

Bohemians or Bohemian life ?

After having lately visited this exhibition thanks to one of my clients from Swizterland, I’d like to post this new article, as, according to its own interpretation, the word have different meanings  :

Who are they? Bohemians (from Bohemia?), gypsies, Roma, or are they these French artists of the late 19th century?

A mixture of all of them, as is showing us this exhibition at the Grand Palais.
The first part is dedicated to the people of travelers and their wanderings through Europe and the centuries, their itineraries and the one of the exhibit being dotted with Roma expressions and gypsy music


The second part is more about the bohemian life such as have had many artists (poets, painters and musicians) in Montmartre and Montparnasse: Rimbaud, Verlaine, Baudelaire but also Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Liszt, Berlioz … an eccentric and  bohemian Paris but absolutely inventive and artistic.
An exhibition full of charm, certainly quite nostalgic, but it allows us to reflect on the theme of exclusion in Paris, desired and beneficial one hand, intolerable and unbearable to another

So, the exhibit opens with this Rom expression :   « Si tu ne sais pas où tu vas, souviens-toi d’où tu viens »

(if you don’t know where you are go, remember where you are from)

Bohèmes, Grand Palais

till January 14th 2013

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