French legal language

French language is an every day challenge for every Expat just arrived in Paris as well as for every conscientious French teacher

I recently accepted a new challenge from a British law student who has been  in France for her professional study and needs help in  French legal language regarding to vocabulary, expressions and grammar. In order to help me in the preparation of her lessons, I attended a specific training session for French teachers on this topic.
As I worked for many years for a legal training centre before, I realized then that my French legal language skills were still accurate, so there are absolutely no problems for me to build a new legal French  program, for professionals or student foreigners and to propose it in addition to my  business French courses.
French legal language could seem difficult to some foreigners, as many legal expressions are outdated if you used them in the daily language. But have you ever considered that most of legal texts are written according to the same logic rules,  so if you learn them you will easily use them !



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