The fête of Beaujolais

Are you in Paris on the 11/21 ? If so, don’t miss the fête of Beaujolais !Beaujolais Nouveau Day

I know : Paris isn’t the same as Lyon, but anyway maybe a good opportunity for you  to meet new French friends thanks to the Beaujolais …

What is it exactly ? You only have to enter some bars around your corner and taste the traditional new Beaujolais … but of course at the “comptoir” or at the “zinc” … as new Beaujolais is always festive … so share it with some new friends, it could help you to speak French !

pancarte bois beaujolais nouveauDo you need any expressions to help you ? You may say

– pas mal cette année (not too bad this year)

– très rafraichissant (very fresh), très léger (very light)

– on sent un peu/bien/beaucoup la cerise (we can smell some/well/a lot of cherry,…  depending on your new friend)

– plein de gaité, de promesses (full of happiness, of promises) … so if you don’t want to say it is awfull …

My tips :

– always speak about lightness, fresh and cherry … Don’t forget that the new Beaujolais is a very basic wine, not still maturated … like its other famous brothers in the same wineyard such as Morgon, Julienas, Chiroubles, Moulin à vent … that are “millésimés”

– remember the new Beaujolais could be a way of organizing an event at or after works and between friends!  You only have to add some plates of sausages and cheese

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