How to become a Parisian

I’ve just spent 3 days with a very nice American woman, who booked for an immersion program between Christmas Day and New Year, as she was looking to improve her French during her stay.

Every time we were in a café or in a restaurant, I was shocked by the way the waiters addressed to us, never apologizing but mostly saying rude words …

We went tonight to see O. Giraud’s show in « Théâtre des Nouveautés » : « How to become Parisian in one hour » and although I’ve been  there for many times, I laughed at his jokes about the Parisians (my client too…)!

After that, we decided to have a last drink in a café in Palais Royal, and how funny for us, the waiter was speaking in the same way as O. Giraud’s, with this « inquiring » (condescendant = going down and never admit it) look, as we were entering the first place, never saying « Bonsoir » but instead « on ferme dans 10 minutes » (we are closing in 10 minutes)

On the next place, we were greeted by « pas ici, c’est pour quatre ! » (not here it is for 4 people) « mais vous pouvez prendre cette p’tite table du milieu » (but you can afford this small table in the middle…), so no choice !

When we ordered, he only says « pas aujourd’hui c’est dimanche » (not today, it’s sunday), as it should be the rule …

During our dinner, we observed our waiters, and « definitely yes » I agree with O. Giraud’s version of the Parisian attitude towards tourists in Paris  : it is as they were annoyed by serving …, so why are they working as a waiter and why in such a touristic area ? (we were in Palais Royal) …

So when we payed  the bill, of course we don’t give any tip !!

Happy New Year !!!!!


How to become a Parisian in one hour till mi-june 2014





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