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on y va

My French program for beginners is now online with a free trial. My goal is to provide adult students a beginner’s fast start in the French language with the best self-teaching software.

As a  French language teacher and a foreign language learner myself, I know the downfalls of traditional boring grammar books and exercises. But at the same time how can you start in a foreign language without knowing its basic rules?  When my adult students first come to me, they often complain about the childish foreign language programs they are finding online.

So I thought why not create a new E-Learning program to help adults learn or review basic French, to assist them in gaining confidence and autonomy in their French learning?

I designed it in a friendly Parisian environment, using the situations professionals or tourists may encounter upon their arrival  or during their stay in Paris. The program covers all the beginner’s program (A1/A2) and will help anyone to understand French speakers and to be able to answer without too much hesitation. I named it “on y va” (Let’s go), because of the meaning and the structure of the sentence. Where do we go? In Paris and in the French language   (click on the 14 day trial in the top right hand column).

.I asked some of my students to trial the program and they came back with very positive reviews. They liked the fact that they could use it whenever they wanted and explore new chapters on their own with or without my recommendations.

It took an enormous amount of time and energy for me to reach  this moment, when I could offer this program to you online through my website and I am very proud of it. Now it is time to share this program with the world and to help as many people as I can in learning the beautiful French language!

On y va (Let’s go)!


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