Le grand Véfour in Paris


How many times on my walks in the Gardens of Palais Royal did I pass this prestigious gastronomic restaurant?

How many times did I say to me that maybe once an evening I would pass through its gate, not only for a visit with clients, but for a diner under this fabulous roof!

Opened in 1784 under the name of “Café de Chartres”, this restaurant became a favorite restaurant for many politicians during the French revolution of 1789. Jean Véfour gave his name to the café which changed into a fashionable and already gastronomic restaurant where some famous French writers liked to have a table, such as Victor Hugo and other artists of the next door Comédie Française. Another French writers were well known there, like Jean Cocteau and Colette who used to come there as there were living in the Gardens of Palais Royal, but lot of celebrities from the art and literature used to come there including Jean Marais, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I seated on these red banquettes, remembering all these former guests.

Since Jean Véfour, the restaurant changed into many owners and chefs with highs and lows but one of them Raymond Oliver successfully restored it to its former splendor. Today, with Guy Martin on the board, le Grand Véfour is the most beautiful gastronomic restaurant in Paris.

Absolutely no “fausse note” for this exceptional dinner and a service as I like it, discreet and efficient.

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