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Among the most famous French events of May, and sorry that I didn’t mention them in my last monthly update, there are two worldwide ones: Festival de Cannes and Roland Garros!

Maybe you already know about them, but not sure how you are really interested by these topics as both are French products with specifics publics, either if you are a “cinephile” or a “sportif”!

Anyway what is the most important is to know specific vocabulary, especially if you are coming to France during this month, as you will have to hear a lot either in the news or in by friends.

The festival de Cannes started this week and it is the buzziest event, with its “tapis rouge” on the “croisette” … Lot of new and old stars happy to “monter les marches” of the success. Lot of “paillettes” and buzz around either them but as you can imagine it, there is a lot of “marches” to do in this area.


The Newspaper “Le Monde” edited a very good retrospective and I’m pleased to share it on this page



The second most French event to know if you are living in France during this month of May are the tennis open “Roland Garros” : even if you are not a real tennis “fan” you will have to come across some French expressions  like “jeu” … “balle, set et match” during your stay orRGARROS you will cross French tennis fans or “VIP” in the famous “gradins” wearing “lunettes de soleil” as soon as the sun is coming after the rain ….

You may know that you can try to get a reservation during the day, “le tournoi” starting from May 16th but no chance at all to watch a the “finale” or “demi-finale” “Dames” or “Messieurs”!

By the way do you know who was Roland Garros ? not a “joueur de tennis” but a French aviator and a fighter pilot during World War I

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