Paris in October – Top things to do



Don’t miss the famous « Nuit Blanche » this Saturday night (October 1st/2nd): still in the heart of Paris, this is a very good opportunity to view the Parisian monuments along the Seine with another perspective: a wonderful stroll on the theme of love this year from Hôtel de Ville to Issy les Moulineaux , but of course every public building will be redecorated and enlighten by  various international artists. To get the whole program, it is there.


Interested by French design? This new exhibition Roger Tallon , le design en mouvement at Musée des Arts décoratifs is certainly the most representative of this time (1960-1970). Real link between industrial production and design, Roger Tallon was the designer of our first TGV as well as of the Funiculaire of Montmartre.

Perhaps you already know Ben through his amazing street actions and paintings?  The new opened Musée Maillol devoted its two renovated floors to Ben’s street artworks in Paris. A very nice idea to discover the poetry of this artist before exploring his artworks through Paris.


Hergé? He is Tintin’s father of course, the hero of our childhood! For the second time since his death the Grand Palais presents an extensive retrospective of the work of this worldwide known Belgian cartoonist.

Oscar Wilde L’impertinent absolu: a first exhibition of the tumultuous life and literary work of this famous Francophile dandy in Paris. A good opportunity as well to have a snack afterwards at the very nice cafeteria outdoors of Petit Palais

Peinture américaine des années 1930 (American painting in the 1930s) at Musée de l’Orangerie : a sad period after the 1929 financial crash but one of the most vital artistic periods for American painters such as Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Grant Wood.


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