My new e-learning program

My new e-learning program is no more a project but a reality, as I have just ended my last review of my latest chapters.

I’d never have thought it could have taken me so much time to achieve it !Education-Distance-Learning

I actually spent fast all of my last free time on it, and quite every time I checked on one of my modules, I realized it could be improved, either by adding a new picture, or some new text for a better comprehension for my students …

But I’m so proud of it that I let it tested by some of my students of every nationality and definitively all of them are encouraging me.

My first program is mainly for everyone who is looking for communicating in French very fast once arrived in France, especially in Paris : expats or tourists, having learned French before or not!

It is composed of 20 chapters on the main grammar rules you should basically know if you want to understand and to be understood in France with many practical exercises on them in different contexts. They are corresponding to the A1 (beginner)’s level of the CECR. I added some dialogues on my own as many of my students are looking for a « real Parisian voice », and some pictures of Paris of course ! You can start it as you like, from the rule or from a test …

The next step is to put it on a platform …



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Back to Paris

Smooth way back to Paris !


Paris is so beautiful tonight to let you even enjoy your way back to Paris …

Paris ce soir


















How do you like it ?

in full harmony (harmonieuse), warm and friendly (chaleureuse), happy (heureuse), game friendly (heureuse)


Jardin du Palais Royal

Petit bal Place du Palais Royal


Picnic Pont des Arts

Petanque Place Dauphine

In any case not too serious (sérieuse) yet !!

Some feminine adjectives in euse in French…  to describe  for this wonderful evening shared with some Expats !!

Welcome back to Paris !!

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do you really know Paris ?

illustration_article_640You may live and work in  Paris…

But are you sure to really know it ?

Where can you find the cheapest pint, the most expensive coffee ?

What is the fastest metro line, the lowest one ?

Did you know there are so much rats in Paris as kids or dogs ? that there are 6 women for 5 men in the 16th instead of only one woman for one man in the 1st district ?

Would you know more about such amazing figures about the Parisian daily life ?

This is a very funny way of checking your knowledge while improving the French comparative form …

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Paris déchiffré  – Merci Alfred




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