Michelin 2013

The michelin-guide-france-stars-2013Michelin guide’s list appears today with its new 2 or 3 new stars around France … Awards for some restaurants, and deceptions for another ones !

Why is it so hopefull or hopeless, depending on your side ?

I don’t want to interfere in your judgement, but just would like to link to some of websites I’ll use for my French lessons :

  • this one about comparatives with gastronomic clients


Michelin Guide Announces 2013 Stars for France


  • this one about points of view with journalist clients about c

Michelin : prendre le mors pour un mort

  • and this one for for exploring the interrogative form

Michelin : profession inspecteur

Personally, I was very pleased to hear that a new chef of the Vosges (my native region) will be adwarded …






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Lunch break in France

That’s right, the French like to eat, either at home or in restaurants:  « gastronomy » bookstore are full of new cookbooks and restaurant guides, television offers many cooking shows (Masterchef, A dinner almost perfect. ..) without counting all the blogs  on the internet!

But to say that every French spend at least 1 hour or 2 hours for lunch, as does Samuel Muston in his article in The Independent and published in the last Courrier international newspaper, even  with the « sauce anglaise » I do not agree.

The lunch break is usually half an hour in the Parisian companies, that is to say, time for  a salad in the canteen or a plate in the café at the corner ! No more time for a menu, as it is easy to to note the growing number of « sandwicheries », « saladeries »  or « Daily Monop » shops in some business districts. In addition you can enjoy the lunch break to « aerate » and to « quick bite » while shopping ..

In the « province », the break can be of2 hours, but you don’t really have time for a lunch in « terrasse » if you have to come back home for children’s lunch …

So,  are threre any cultural difference between French and British in our relationship with food? Maybe if we compare our « jambon-beurre » with their  « Scotch eggs » (I do not know them) at lunch, or our Sunday lunch with the one of our neighbors, but the pleasure of well eating is the same on both sides of the Channel!

Only time … sometimes lacks !


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