French and professional training

!Don’t keep it to yourself : FLE (French as a Foreign Language)’s position amongst the professional language training is on the decline !

According to last Linguaid’s study which has been presented to us on October 14 in the Allliance of Paris, FLE is in second position after EFL (English as a Foreign Language). EFL has 90% of the market share and FLE has 3 to 5%!

Other data to be considered is : the increase of « low cost » training from abroad, this on line training with a so-called « teacher » via Skype. This type of training that could be « appealing » for many training subscribers, but results are not   guaranteed …

What then is the future for small training centres such as Paris Version à la to Française ? The response is the offer of a highly qualified training with individual lessons personalised to the student needs.

Therefore, I’m comforted by my positioning strategy of offering this type of individualised lessons !

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Why I teach French to foreigners from Pascale

I love travelling and meeting people  in every foreign country I visit.

I only remember the people with whom I could share a wonderful time, because I knew their language, and who told me about them, their culture, their way of life  … anything you can’t have in an basic touristic program !

I am frustrated every time I can’t exchange with people as I always have the impression not having fully made the most of their warmest of welcomes.

I created « Paris Version à la Française » a few years ago to offer my help to all foreigners arriving in Paris and wanting to meet us, Parisians, to share our culture and to discover our way of life.

Its seems natural to me to do it in French and to give the opportunity to speak and learn our language to all the people who are looking for it.

Thus I became French teacher for foreigners.

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Legal status

Training organization

SARL au capital de 13 500 €

RCS Créteil 498 636 026

Code APE 804 C

Marque déposée à l’INPI

sous le N° 07 3 503 690

Paris Version à la française


RCS Paris B 488 644 931

20 bd de Sébastopol, 75004 PARIS, FRANCE


12 rue Lejemptel

F - 94300 - VINCENNES


Pascale Heuzé

331 43 74 80 36

Skype: pascale.parisvf