Things to do in Paris in September 2014

“C’est la rentrée” but not quite the end of summer time in Paris. On the contrary, lot of Parisians events, not the time to rest at home yet!

Septembre à paris

Among them I’ll suggest the famous “Journées du Patrimoine”of September 20 and 21, the opportunity to visit for free some famous historical buildings or places (ministries, Palais de l’Elysée, High Courts, etc ….)

If you are in Paris during the week-end of 13 and 14, join me in Vincennes for the Festival America about the American literature, this year with a special link to the French language that is still be used in some countries (Quebec, Acadie, Louisiane, Häiti…)

Are you a new arrived expat? If so, you should inform yourself about the “Journée des associations” of your town, generally organized on the first or second Saturday of September: lot of propositions for outdoor or indoor activities (cultural, gourmet, sport….) for the next months!

The Musée Picasso is still closed (opening hopefully announced for the end of October) but at the Orangerie, a new painting exhibition about Emile Bernard (1868-1941) will start from September 17.

Have you ever dreamed to have candlelit dinner in a castle? Vaux le Vicomte is one of the best place to enjoy (with reservation) every Saturday night (until October 4). It is the château to visit at this time of year, wonderful “à la Lenôtre” gardens, where a magical fireworks display takes place!

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