French lesson during the visit of Musée de la grande guerre

2014-03-05 11.36.40Have you ever heard of the new opened « Musée de la grande guerre » (museum of the big war) in Meaux ? It is about the 1st world war and thanks to B & L, I had the opportunity to visit it at last !

B & L are a wonderful American retired couple living in Paris for a year, to whom I provide French lessons, helping them in their daily life.

Instead of having our regular lesson as planned, we decided to drive to Meaux and visit the museum as they suggested it, as it seemed quite difficult for them to go there on their own.

It was a very nice opportunity for us to speak about : his father was in France as an American soldier , and on my side, many members of my family died during this war as many families .  I was born in Lorraine and grew up in this part of France therefore I was used to visit many sadly famous battles …

With his wife we mostly share about our way of seeing this war according to our personal  life and souvenirs … so many to share and speak about !

2014-03-05 12.13.47After the visit, I suggested to visit the town and have lunch there together. Meaux is a very old medieval town with narrow streets and such a big cathedral. It is worth to visit it. It is very close to Paris by driving (about 40 kilometers) but the problem for many foreigners is that they have to take the train and then get a taxi from the station to the museum.

If you are interested by world war 1 and its historical and chronological aspect, I would highly recommend you to visit it : a lot of authentic videos and a profusion of items of this period (from a real plane to the canteen of the soldier, and the famous « taxis de la Marne »)

The museum itself is composed of a lot of things privately collected by the main donator,


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Enjoy Paris in July for free – my best tips

Paris takes care of you , tourists or expats, during this next month, so why not enjoying  it like a real Parisian ?

During July a lot of free events will take place among Paris and around , so maybe the right moment ant the opportunity to meet each others in another environment and for you to speak French ?

Here is the list I will recommend :

Orgue St Eustachecarnaval tropical

July 4th : free concert at Saint Eustache  (I love this church and the orgues are beautiful …)


July 6th : tropical carnival (for photograph’s hunter)



July 6th : a big treasure hunting through Paris (the opportunity to discover new districts…)


chasse au trésor


July 13th :  lot of « bals » among Paris, but a new one should be organized under the roofs of Grand Palais (wonderful…)




July 14th : the parade on the Champs-Elysées (why not ? …)


July 21th : arriving of the Tour de France in Paris (the famous Champs-Elysées with real  French people enjoying the Tour …)


and a lot of another outdoors  events according to your interests such as music



Jazz-festival-2013_small-medium(Paris Quartier d’été, Jazz in  Parc Floral de Vincennes),

movies (Cinéma en plein air « une toile sous les étoiles), l’été du canal de l’Ourcq , or this old fashioned tour of Paris with old cars

and of course the famous « Paris-Plage »




So many things to do or to discover in Paris during this next month …


great opportunities to speak French in Paris  !!!!









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Neighborhood party in Paris

Do you live in a Parisian building, where you don’t know your neighbor, even after several years ?

– Do not miss this opportunity to  « finally » meet him or her!

On next Friday, June 1,it  is the « neighborhood party » and tables will be put in the yard of your building, or just on your street …

– Just bring something to eat or drink

and above all

– Do not stay alone in your corner, but introduce yourself to the others !

All neighbors participating to this special evening are looking for breaking the isolation of Paris buildings and  sharing a friendly moment …

So do not be shy, you are welcome and will be encouraged to speak French !


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Visit Paris and Practice French

Springtime has just settled in Paris, and we are looking for

strolling , exploring some unknown neighborhoods

to stumble upon an incredible place that we want to let you know,

sitting at a café terrace,

to share a wonderful time with friends.

It is in this concept that I organize my private tours of Paris in French.

It is not the purpose for me to show Paris as a tourist guide, as I’m not one, but to let discover and share the Paris that I know and love  while encouraging French conversation.

For the visitor, the purpose is to discover a Paris that he does not know and to practice French at the same time through a varied linguistic exchange, a unique experience for him in an exceptional environment.

For both, the opportunity of a privileged meeting !

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Linguistic and cultural program

Two good discoveries the last week during my program « linguistic and cultural week« !

These two new gourmet shops are absolutely charming, and I highly recommend you to visit them, which will  let you  « to the stove »

The first one is one  of Olivier Roellinger, Grand Chief of Cancale, who invites you  to travel  through of his creations to « spice powder » and its vanilla scents.

Epices Roellinger – 51 rue Sainte Anne – Paris 2ème –


The second one is  of « Pressed Provence » near the Aligre Market, which offers three types of olive fruit oils (black, ripe, green) from olives PDO (protected designation of origin), but also some Italian oils such as  basil, mandarin …

Première Pression Provence – 3, rue Antoine Vollon – Paris 12ème –

In both stores, please ask for information! The sailor will be happy to present their products and give you his receipts!

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Green bubbles in Paris

The New French expression of Paris : the bubble!

Of course you may know the soap bubble, the bubble of water, or the « bubble » (comics) or the expression  » let’s have some bubbles » (champagne) and perhaps you’ve already heard the word  » to bubble » (to laze /to do nothing) from your teenagers : « I bubbled all day … »

Now the « Parisian green bubble  » or rather « Parisian green bubbles  » in fact as they will be 4 beeing presented in Paris the next week-end : the precious bubble, the air bubble, the jungle bubble, the psychedelic bubble …

so an organized event called « my bubble, my plant and I », that will give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of quietness and this in the center of the city …

Is it possible to say now : « I’m « bubbling »or « lazing » in the center of Paris ?


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