Things to do in Paris in August

Like most of European cities, the Parisian life seems to have stopped especially till August 15th: less metro traffic, most “boutiques” are closed, it is highly difficult to find an opened “boulangerie”. Fortunately for the tourists, most big shops remain open in the touristic area, as well most restaurants and « cafés« , where you will find there many Parisians, enjoying their city like a “tourist”!

Paris aout

August in Paris is fun for a Parisian worker: no more stress at work and plenty of outdoors activities. Besides the famous “Plage” along the Seine, you have another beach in la Villette, or you may prefer having a picnic with the locals in Canal Saint-Martin?

Why not have a dance at Quai Saint Bernard in the evening, or watch an outdoor movie in a garden? Bring only a blanket, and enjoy listening French language under the stars!

There are usually a lot of special music events and festivals going on in August, so check with your concierge or buy “le Pariscope” on Wednesday (my best recommendation), to find out what’s going on when you’re there!

Non” Paris isn’t completely abandoned by Parisians and “oui” there are a lot of things to do in August, most of them for free or very cheap …

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