Parisian markets

Spring time brings with it all the notes of « freshness » and renewal that you can find on the Parisian markets:  small new vegetables or « primeurs » being proposed for selling. This is also the best time to buy some kind of cheese like the “petits chêvres” (goat’s cheeses) and of course strawberries (Gariguette is the most perfumed variety)..

Marché du dimanche matinIn short, it is the easiest way to prepare a spring meal, if the food purchased is of excellent quality, which is not necessarily sure, even if you buy on the Paris markets: many merchants  are used to « refuel » on  Rungis for several days, and each time the goods are « unpacked » and « repacked » for the next market …

Prefer small « maraichers” (market gardeners) who sell directly on some markets because they only sell their own production, depending on the season (and so no strawberries or lettuce in February …). You can easily identify them thanks to their small displays « collecting producer. »

Be careful, if their products are fresh, they are not necessarily “bio”( organic) !  But on the other way, organic does not necessarily mean fresh …

Too complicated?

So to make it easy, I would recommend you buying to the real producers, and if you want to buy organic products, prefer the real organic markets, such as the Boulevard Raspail (Sunday morning), Place or that of Brancusi boulevard des Batignolles (Saturday morning)


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Tintin in Paris

Do you already know it ?

Tintin in Paris

I‘ve just discovered it last Sunday in « snooping«  and « pacing«  Market Dauphine at Saint Ouen flea market, along with an American couple Francophile and lover of old things!
Connaissiez-vous ce dessin d’Hergé  ?

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Paris capital of the Impressionism

Only  few of my students  do not like impressionism and that’s why I often use this theme in preparing some of my classes, by using, depending on the level, a painting, a biography, the presentation  of an exhibit or a comment.

They are a lot of documents relating to this artistic movement and the Parisian life of this time was so often painted in the most famous works.

Paris always loves the Impressionists , and many Parisian museums are the witness of this love : Musée d’Orsay, the Orangerie, Marmottan, Centre Pompidou … not to mention the temporary exhibitions, as now in the Musée Jacquemart-André « In the privacy Caillebotte brothers, or that another one on Edouard Manet in Orsay, or the last opened one « Paris at the time of the Impressionists,  » a free exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville.

Paris is for sure  the capital of Impressionism with these exposures that have « started on a flying », as I noted last week with one of my students painter!

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Metronome : treasures hunt in Paris

This book is actually considered as the bestseller for all lovers of Paris!

I’m reading it at the end, and it is for me as I rediscover Paris thanks to Lorànt Deutsch, a French actor who is also passionated by the history of France and the Paris metro: from a station name, you are discovering his history in a way that you ‘ll now observe the treasures that you have under your feet without having suspected them before !

Many anecdotes about the lives of our ancestors, explanations on the transformation of parisian neighborhoods and their streets, a lot of information on the history of Paris! Bravo!

The book was recently released under an illustrated version  with over 500 images, which is certainly easier for a Francophile tourist to understand, letting him organize himself a real treasure hunt in Paris!


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Inca Gold at Pinacotheque

L'or des Incas - AfficheNot easy for a foreigner to visit a Parisian exhibition !

My latest experience was a few days ago with the visit of the new exhibit « Inca Gold » at the Pinacothèque with a Korean student, who is at a « advanced » level in French foreign language!

We enjoyed the topic « Mystery of a civilization »  and so we agreed to meet for a visit together because we share the same interest in a lost civilization …

However, already at the beginning of the visit, I regretted having suggested it : too many long texts and only in French which isn’t very attractive, even for a Francophile …

I do not really understand the director’s choice:  why take the risk of presenting a so long text in every room and limit the presentations of the « sacred objects » to definitions in every window ?

Is this kind of exhibit reserved only for Franco-French?


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Why I teach French to foreigners from Pascale

I love travelling and meeting people  in every foreign country I visit.

I only remember the people with whom I could share a wonderful time, because I knew their language, and who told me about them, their culture, their way of life  … anything you can’t have in an basic touristic program !

I am frustrated every time I can’t exchange with people as I always have the impression not having fully made the most of their warmest of welcomes.

I created « Paris Version à la Française » a few years ago to offer my help to all foreigners arriving in Paris and wanting to meet us, Parisians, to share our culture and to discover our way of life.

Its seems natural to me to do it in French and to give the opportunity to speak and learn our language to all the people who are looking for it.

Thus I became French teacher for foreigners.

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