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French Immersion program for Paris lovers

Studying the language is one thing, however it is no easy to interact with the locals once arrived. There’s so much familiar language and French expressions in spoken French that it’s extremely useful to review them with a native French teacher

If you want to improve your French while also being on vacation and experience all the activities Paris can offer, this immersion program is for you

Résultats de recherche pour immerIt has been exactly designed for you: as a native French teacher living in Paris for more than 30 years, I exactly know either your weakness or your strength in the French language. According to your level in French language, I will design a program which suits to your interests

  • gastronomy (cheese, wine, chocolate, pastry)
  • culture (literature, history …)
  • shopping
  • arts, design …

You will enjoy your living in the City of Lights, while discovering some new places you would never trust you to go in…

A real immersion program!

How does it work out?

–   We will meet once a day for 3 hours in the afternoon and start the program at your place, while deciding  together what we should do and where we should go through Paris : I will make some suggestions according to your interests and the opening hours

–   We will explore your area or another one while interacting in French : we may stop for a gourmet taste  or visit an art gallery or an exhibition, where you will have the opportunity to speak French either with me or with the locals

–    After strolling through the area you chose,  we will stop at a café or in a park and start a small conversation. You will be corrected and encouraged: the best way for you to expand your vocabulary, improve your colloquial usage and your pronunciation.

–    Every day you will get more confidence in your French skills and be proud of you being able to understand and being understood. You will plenty enjoy your new Parisian world

Additional information:

The immersion program is planned for a stay of 3 to 5 days, and for one or two persons (couple, friends). We will meet either in the morning at 10am or in the afternoon at 2pm for 3 hours, which will give you a lot of time on your own during the day

You may have booked your accommodation before your registration, but I can recommend some friends and partners in the Marais or in Montmartre I’m used to work with.

Length 3 days 5 days
Level A2/B1 A2/B1
Rate 540€/1 person, 720€/2 persons 850€/1 person, 1100€/2 persons

Location: through Paris

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J’aimerais bien vous remercier pour tout ces dernières semaines !!!  J’ai passé un bon voyage à Paris à grâce de vous C’était un voyage assez amusant et plaisant, et surtout, je pouvais parler plus de français !
Stefanie, Boston

When I decided to go the France for 2 weeks, I decided I would try to find a way to have a completely french experience–french culture and language. Luckily, I found Pascale and her Version Francais on the internet.  During the two months before my trip, Pascale gave me a french language test and, from our emails, she discovered my abilities, or lack of, and my interests. She designed the course especially to fit my desires  and my needs.   Seeing that I was reading Proust at the time,she took me to the Ritz  for a Proustian afternoon of tea and memories. She is extraordinarily sensitive. She spent a great deal of time preparing each class and made the week perfect. My second week was spent in Normandy with friends, and on the way we stopped for a horse show at Chantilly. One of my friends said she couldnt understand a word that the speaker was saying. I said, proudly, that I understood some seventy-five percent because I had just spent a week listening to Pascale!”

Robbi, Connecticut