French language and cultural workshops for Japanese women or man expats

Japan and France are two countries with both a rich and fascinating culture but also with cultural differences that could be difficult to understand and to live with without being coached in the host country.

French language and cultural workshops for Japanese women or man expatsI recently met Sylvie Delobelle, another French native living in Vincennes, and she has worked for and with Japanese expats for more than 20 years. She has a strong experience in the inter cultural field which could, if it is unknown, slow down the integration of many Japanese men or women in their new Parisian life.

Together we would like to extend our respective experiences in the communication field and we have started a new French language and cultural workshop in order to help every new Japanese arriving in Paris in their daily life : how to greet, how to buy, to ask for an information … by the use of  the right French expression and pronunciation and by the discovery of the new communicative codes.

The first workshop (3 hours) is built for a group of 6 people of the same level (beginner) and is only based on the interaction between the group , Sylvie and me. We offer a nice place in Paris 2nd for the linguistic lesson and use Paris outdoors for the practice, depending on the cultural background : Parisian market, shopping, French gastronomy …

A real « Paris French version » !

Recommended level : Beginner

Price : 100 €/person – Group of 6 persons