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Have French lessons for adults  in Paris

As an adult, your success at learning is very important for you, therefore you prefer to have private French lessons for adults, because they are based on what you want and need to learn.

Learning a foreign language could not be so easy for an adult, depending on your natural ability, your commitment to lessons, the level you are looking for. Learning or improving your French language may be something you want in order to communicate in your daily life or to help you in your relationships in Paris.

Whatever are your individual needs, your French lessons will be tailored to them and designed to cover all the language skills you will need including the following:

  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading and Writing
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Building new Vocabulary

You will learn with confidence according to your requirements, as I will adapt my own method to them and your learning style, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses at the same time.

All my French lessons for adults are different, depending on your interests and are customized to your choice of daily or cultural environment, from beginner to advanced level (A1 to C2 level)

The main advantage of my private French lessons is that you will improve your level in a short time and in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

My French lessons for adults are offered as either in private or group (2/3 persons) instruction  and it is possible to arrange a blended training program : one to one lessons combined with on line lessons via Skype

My standard program:

        • 90-minute lessons
        • Once or twice per week
        • Package of 10 or 15 lessons


One-to-one Small group (2)
Length 90 minutes 90 minutes
Level A1/C2 A1/C2
Rate from 50 €/hour from 80€/hour
Location your home, your office, in Vincennes


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« Un grand merci pour toutes tes efforts !J’adorais beaucoup les cours de francais avec toi, parce que tu es tres sensible a ce qui m’interesse, ce que je voudrais ammeliore et c’était und excellent mix entre des article actuels, relie a mon travail ou d’autre sujet. Merci aussi pour tout les conseils ce qu’on peut faire a Paris, avec des amis, avec mes parents etc. »

Mélanie L, Brand Manager, Paris, German


« J’étais en France depuis un an avant de rencontrer Pascale, je pouvais parler un peu français, mais je manquais de vocabulaire et de fluidité, et mon écriture était également mauvaise. Après six mois avec Pascale, je suis maintenant capable d’avoir une conversation en français; mon écriture et ma lecture se sont nettement améliorés. En plus, j’ai pu apprendre de nombreuses choses sur la culture française. Pascale est très gentille et patiente, et elle fait beaucoup d’efforts pour adapter ses cours à ses élèves. Je la remercie pour avoir créé un cours très intéressant à suivre et je la recommanderai à des élèves de tout niveau en français. »

Jen, Research and Development, Paris, American

« It has been my pleasure to study with Pascale during my months in Paris. I found her to be a careful and patient instructor. She carefully considered my personal objectives and designed a curriculum for me that was well suited to my needs. I was especially pleased at the degree to which French listening comprehension, conversation, grammar and written language were all incorporated into my studies. Whether for short or long term, I highly recommend Pascale for personalized language instruction in Paris »

Elliott, Oakland, retired, CA Etats-Unis, American

« I enjoyed the lessons very much and I’m grateful for Pascale to choose the topics, which were relevant in my life. Pascale is a lovely person to learn French with. »

Lilla, Financial audit, Paris, Hungarian

« Yesterday, I had my first conversation in French and to my delight I understood every word ! Equally important, the French people I was speaking with also understood me. Arriving in Paris with five years of school French under my belt (learned many years ago) I decided that time spent in classes would deprive me of time spent exploring, so I’d just dive in and hope for the best. But I quickly discovered that school French and the real thing are two different languages. After months of frustration I’d really mastered “je suis désolée, je ne comprends pas” and little else. Then I met and began lessons with Pascale and thanks to her excellent teaching skills, her endless patience and good humour, my vocabulary and comprehension have improved dramatically after just a few weeks. Now I can join a French conversation with confidence, knowing that our continuing lessons will put an end to the polite but blank stares. I’ve so often received from locals struggling to understand me. Thank you Pascale. Now I’m really living in Paris ! »

Sheila, Australian