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French lessons for beginners just arriving in Paris

Sure, you can find some French lessons for beginners in every tourist guide or on the internet, and you may use them for your first steps in the French language, but now in Paris, the sentence isn’t in accordance to what you want to say, or maybe your mispronunciation of French language doesn’t make sense to your recipient ?

I propose 3 units of 2 hours in one-to-one tuition in these French courses for beginners to let you know how to say it without being considered as a tourist! You’ll learn and will be able to use and perfectly pronounce the main forms (to introduce, to ask for more information, to order a menu, to give your opinion…) with which you can cope in any situation.

Would you like to start this French lessons for beginners program on line via Skype, before your arrival in Paris, please contact me

Level : Beginner

Rates : 100 €* (unit) – 250 €* (3 units)

* Vat included in case of a private registration

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One of the really neat things about the internet is that, if you’re smart, you can use it to meet people that in former times never would have been possible. A case in point is “Paris-version- francaise” I’m so glad I was introduced to this wonderful website and the people who created it. Paris is a complicated and complex place and much of its charm lies beyond the Eiffel Tower and the other “tourist” monuments. At its center are the wonderful French people themselves, some of whom are willing to share their Paris experience with others. The Parisian experience is so very much more personal and worthwhile when you have Parisians willing to share their unique city and their own Parisian experience with those from far away. I am really glad I didn’t miss it. My interest in and knowledge of Paris and French culture have grown enormously, and now I’ve decided to continue my study of the French language. It’s so nice to be accepted at the level one is, and then with encouragement, to find oneself expanding like an emerging butterfly.
Dorothy, Minnesota