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Learn Business French with Paris Version à la Française

“Paris Version à la Française” is a training organization registered at the Prefecture of Ile de France and therefore you can learn business French at work or on line in the context of corporate training (training agreement).

French for business courses can take place at your office during your lunchtime or at your home after work in case of a DIF agreement.Paris Version à la Française is likely to give quick and targeted results to the trainees because every business French program is focused on their exact requirements, job function and objectives:

Some program examples

  • Improve your Business French  language level   (Level A2/C2)
  • How to write in French for business (Level C)
  • French legal Language (Level B2/C2)
  • Improve your French pronunciation (Level A2/C2)
  • How to say it? (Level A1)
  • Improve your French skills in grammar
  • Be more fluent in business French (Level A2/B2)
  • Work in French language in a French company (Level A1/A2)
  • Effective business communication  (Level A2/B2)
  • Legal French (Level B2/C2)
  • French for the catering industry  (Level A2)
  • Telephoning in French (Level A2)
  • French for tourism (Level A2)
  • French for the hotel industry(Level A2)
  • Administrative and commercial French  (Level A2/B2)

Other  business French courses  can be built on request and a needs analysis (meetings & presentation, negotiations, telephoning & e-mails, eeports, social French …) is agreed with the corporate delegate in advance.

Each program  is composed of  20 hours packages  and can be provided in one to one or small groups (4/6 persons) either at your place (office or home), or at another place (Vincennes or Paris for small corporate groups)

The level (from A1 to C2) of all students is evaluated at the beginning of the French business courses with a written and oral test corresponding to the CEFRL

It is possible to arrange a blended training program, which enable the trainee to  learn Business  French in  one to one and on line courses via Skype, in case of  schedule problems or business travel.

Rates :

  • Basic rate for individuals :  from 60 Euros hour
  • Basic rate in small group of two people at the same French level and with the same registration 80 Euros / hour
  • For a group of 3 persons : from 100 euros hour *

* (meeting room price not included)

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Having moved to Paris in early 2010, I wanted to start taking French classes as soon as possible. Given the extremely heavy travelling involved in my job, I had been struggling to find a practical way to do it. This was until a few months ago when a friend recommended Pascale, who proved to be exactly what I was looking for. Not only that she is flexible and able to match pretty well my crazy schedule, I find that she’s doing a very good job in adapting the classes and topics to my interests and language level. She’s very patient, always well prepared and a pleasant person to discuss with, making the whole learning experience a useful and interesting one.  Pascale, what better way to compliment your skills than to let you know that the three hours long French classes we have always pass before I know it?”

Albert Barca, UTC

“If you’ are looking for a French teacher, I can highly recommend Pascale Heuzé.  She’s been organised, come up with some interesting things to study, and most importantly for me, been a fun human being who makes it enjoyable to study with.”

Stuart Norval, France 24