My method | ParisVF

I use my own method  based on a communicative approaching and an action-oriented approach according to the 5 basic linguistic competences (listening, reading, writing, spoken production, spoken interaction)of the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) which outlines the idea that it is easier to start from what you want to say in order to find out how to say it.

Learn French privately with Pascale, your tutor in Paris

At the beginning of the training, I will test your French competences by written and oral, and will ask you about your previous experience of French language (if any), and find out why you want to start lessons with a French tutor.

This will help me to design personalized French program to help you improve your weaker points and further develop your strengths. As every student is different, every lesson is different: some students want conversation-based lessons to develop fluency, others would like a structured approach, focusing on grammar.

As a private French tutor, I will tailor your French lessons to your interests, which will help you express yourself with ease and fluidity and gain in confidence.  In addition to the didactic material and depending on the level I can use authentic documents (newspaper and magazine articles, radio podcasts, video clips …) related to your topics of interest and which I believe reflect the true French used in France.