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Learn French online: Free French Lessons for beginners

Start learning French or Brush up on your French skills online for free with the new French lessons program for beginners “On y va” (Let’s go)

ON Y VA French Program for beginners


  • Discover or refresh French grammar and essential French vocabulary, and be able to perfectly use your new French skills in any situation
  • Learn or review the basic French language rules (beginner’s level) with over 20 online lessons based on level A1/A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Practice your French language with over 500 online exercises
  • Enhance your oral comprehension skills, this with a user-friendly interface on the Parisian life
  • Check your progress at anytime


Designed to help you to gain in confidence in your self-learning, wherever you live, and to familiarize you with situations encountered in Paris, “On y va” is exactly what you need, to cope effectively with your daily life.

The whole program is composed of 20 progressive lessons but you may select any of them in the order you like

In each lesson, you will be taught of the main rule (with English translation) and then be asked to use it in various ELearning activities. At the end of each lesson, you will be tested on the new French knowledge you have just covered.

On y va”, an easy, flexible and complete self-training program to become a French speaker!

14 days FREE trial