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Private custom tour guide in Paris 

Thanks to my private guided tours of Paris in French, feel like a real Parisian during your next visit of Paris

Paris is one the world’s greatest cities with its culture, its diversity, its shops, its restaurants, and…its Parisians and the French language !

What better way to fit into the Parisian lifestyle than speaking to Parisian natives and sharing experiences with each other while exploring Paris through guided tours ?

With my help, you will soon feel at ease and be fully enjoying all this marvellous city has to offer.

I have lived in Paris for more than 30 years and since then I like discovering new places that I will be pleased to show you as a private guide.  At the same time, I’m a French teacher and so I can help you to avoid the mistakes so often made with the French language, allowing you to feel more comfortable with our culture and traditions.

It will be a pleasure for me to be your private tour guide in Paris and I will customize your tour according to your individual interests like gastronomy, shopping, antiques, cultural events, etc. Depending on them, I know exactly where to take you and will provide an insider’s perspective if you wish.

With my  private tours « à la française » visit Paris more than a tourist and have the benefits of my Parisian tips and my advices for improving your French language at the same time


1 day (5 hours):  200 €*

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« Thank you so much for an extraordinary day. To stroll Paris speaking french with you was by far one of the most wonderful things I have ever done in my many trips to Paris. To see Paris through your eyes, to speak with you in french, and to ask you questions about the language and culture was unforgettable. It really was like having a friend in Paris; A wonderful, chic, smart and connnected friend. Thanks again, and I so look forward to spending more time with you in the future, exploring, experiencing and talking about Paris. But mostly I look forward to talking about Paris with you in french. Thank you for sharing your great city and language with me it was truly unforgettable. »

David, California