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« I met Pascale not very long ago. I asked her to help me with my French. She very kindly obliged and we gradually became friends. She is so patient, so gentle and very kind. and ,I might add, a very good teacher.  Apart from French conversation she has helped me with many other issues that crop up in the life of an ex-pat living in France. She has gone out of her way to help me with every aspect of my life here. Pascale has taken a keen interest in my work ( I am a painter ) and has tried to find ways to promote my work. I have no words to thank her enough. I’m sure our friendship will grow and that my French will improve by leaps and bounds ! Merci, Pascale. »

Meera Dayal, Indian Painter


« I highly recommend Pascale as a French teacher. As an American ex-pat with no foreign language skills now in France, I was provided with a private tutor once a week and a three month long, four hours per day government-sponsored language class and was still a functional illiterate in French as proven by consistently failing practice tests for the DILF. With barely a month to go to the exam date, I found Pascale; a lucky day indeed! Possessing extreme patience, over the course of the next four weeks, she prepared me not for the basic entry level DILF exam, but the higher level DELF A1 exam. Not only did I pass, but I received a 100/100 on the exam! The key element for me, compared to other instruction methods, was her ability to explain the concept in English when needed, the patience to write in French so I could associate sounds with words for understanding, and her persistence in ensuring that I knew a concept before moving on. And the flexibility to work around my work schedule was a big help. The improvement I made in a mere month was truly amazing. Merci beaucoup, Pascale! »

David Ross, Global Investment Professional living in Paris


« Je vous recommande d’étudier le français avec Professeur Pascale. J’ai constaté qu’elle a beaucoup d’expérience de donner des cours de français en Skype pour les étrangers non seulement d’européenne mais aussi de Japonais. Elle respecte nos cultures, nos spécialités et nos compétences de français pour développer la langue. Ce sont les raisons pour lesquelles je vous suggère pour commencer d’un cours de Skype avec l’experte. Merci. »

 Tamura, Skype

« J’étais en France depuis un an avant de rencontrer Pascale, je pouvais parler un peu français, mais je manquais de vocabulaire et de fluidité, et mon écriture était également mauvaise. Après six mois avec Pascale, je suis maintenant capable d’avoir une conversation en français; mon écriture et ma lecture se sont nettement améliorés. En plus, j’ai pu apprendre de nombreuses choses sur la culture française. Pascale est très gentille et patiente, et elle fait beaucoup d’efforts pour adapter ses cours à ses élèves. Je la remercie pour avoir créé un cours très intéressant à suivre et je la recommanderai à des élèves de tout niveau en français. »

Jen, Paris


« Sur cette dernière leçon pour la première moitié de l’année, je tiens à vous remercier pour vos efforts visant à améliorer mes capacités françaises. Je tiens également à vous remercier pour votre temps et pour le temps que vous avez mis dans la correction de mes productions et les liens de site de web que vous m’a envoyé. Dans notre peu de temps ensemble, vous avez pris mes compétences en écriture à un niveau supérieur. Nous pouvons continuer à aller plus haut »

San, Johannesburg, Skype (texte avant corrections)


« I really recommend Pascale to learn French and about French culture. She has unique and Practical approach that allows to boost your language skills shortly and easily. She is able to adapt to all needs and interests. With a few lessons I have really boosted my French language skills both written and spoken »

Elena C, Deputy Manager in an European Bank, Paris


« Pascale Heuzé has been my FLE teacher for ca. 9 months. She has also been giving French lessons to several other foreigners in my team. I personally found her lessons very helpful in particular the fact that she was constantly looking to adapt the style, content, grammar considerations to each individual and make the lessons both interesting and enriching. I think I have able to progress rather quickly from a lower intermediate to an advanced level, it is also true that I have spent significant time in that timeframe to read, watch TV and listen to podcasts in French. Like with everything, there is no shortcut to individual hard work, but Pascale is  “très à l’écoute” to accompany her students on their own journeys ».

Christina S, Audit Team Manager, Paris La Défense

« I studied with Pascale earlier this year and massively improved my french in only a short time! She will assess your ability and tailor lessons to your competence in a relaxed, conversational style. Highly recommended! »

Rob B, Director, Geospatial Solutions at Towill, Inc., California


« My learning experience from Pascale persuaded me that she has a thorough understanding of essential teaching methods required for French language student. Her capacity to bond with   students and her ability at teaching simple, as well as more advanced French grammar, are truly superior. She is very organized and dependable. Pascale greatly takes advantages of modern gadgets (read smart phone and online) and uses innovative methods for teaching.  Her immense patience, tolerance, persistence and   very positive attitude with students is a true gift every language teacher crave for. »

Mohamad J., Infectious disease  portfolio Leader in Paris

« Je suis brésilienne mais depuis 10 ans je vis au Chili. J’ai toujours été passionnée par la  langue Française à laquelle j’ai déjà consacré plusieurs années d’études.
Cette année, je me suis rendue compte que mon apprentissage ne démarrait plus. J’avais stationné. J’ai failli désister. C’est alors que j’ai rencontré Pascale sur google.fr. Après notre premier cours sur Skype, ma joie d’étudier la langue française est revenue.
Pascale fait attention à ma prononciation, commente et explique chacune de mes fautes écrites, fait la conversation informelle pendant le cours ou soit pour moi son cours est parfait et complet. Elle conserve toujours sa bonne humeur, sa patience infinie. Merci Pascale, j’espère bien que nous pourrons continuer à avoir cours l’année prochaine.

Suely – Santiago du Chili


« Pascale, has many valuable teachings beyond the French language. She also teaches you cultural habits making your visit or living in Paris all the more easier. Thank you for your teachings, Pascale »

Wendy, Psychologist for Expatriates, Paris


Having moved to Paris, I wanted to start taking French classes as soon as possible. Given the extremely heavy travelling involved in my job, I had been struggling to find a practical way to do it. This was until a few months ago when a friend recommended Pascale, who proved to be exactly what I was looking for. Not only that she is flexible and able to match pretty well my crazy schedule, I find that she’s doing a very good job in adapting the classes and topics to my interests and language level. She’s very patient, always well prepared and a pleasant person to discuss with, making the whole learning experience a useful and interesting one.  Pascale, what better way to compliment your skills than to let you know that the three hours long French classes we have always pass before I know it?”

Albert Barca, UTC


« If you’ are looking for a French teacher, I can highly recommend Pascale Heuzé.  She’s been organised, come up with some interesting things to study, and most importantly for me, been a fun human being who makes it enjoyable to study with. »

Stuart Norval, France 24


« It has been my pleasure to study with Pascale during my months in Paris. I found her to be a careful and patient instructor. She carefully considered my personal objectives and designed a curriculum for me that was well suited to my needs. I was especially pleased at the degree to which French listening comprehension, conversation, grammar and written language were all incorporated into my studies. Whether for short or long term, I highly recommend Pascale for personalized language instruction in Paris »

Elliott, Oakland, CA Etats-Unis


« Yesterday, I had my first conversation in French and to my delight I understood every word ! Equally important, the French people I was speaking with also understood me. Arriving in Paris with five years of school French under my belt (learned many years ago) I decided that time spent in classes would deprive me of time spent exploring, so I’d just dive in and hope for the best. But I quickly discovered that school French and the real thing are two different languages. After months of frustration I’d really mastered “je suis désolée, je ne comprends pas” and little else. Then I met and began lessons with Pascale and thanks to her excellent teaching skills, her endless patience and good humour, my vocabulary and comprehension have improved dramatically after just a few weeks. Now I can join a French conversation with confidence, knowing that our continuing lessons will put an end to the polite but blank stares. I’ve so often received from locals struggling to understand me. Thank you Pascale. Now I’m really living in Paris ! »

Sheila, Australian


« So I passed my French exam and I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me. »
Thank You

Colin, Californian Student


« I enjoyed the lessons very much and I’m grateful for Pascale to choose the topics, which were relevant in my life. Pascale is a lovely person to learn French with. »

Lilla, Hungarian


“When I decided to go the France for 2 weeks, I decided I would try to find a way to have a completely french experience–french culture and language. Luckily, I found Pascale and her Version Francais on the internet.  During the two months before my trip, Pascale gave me a french language test and, from our emails, she discovered my abilities, or lack of, and my interests. She designed the course especially to fit my desires  and my needs.   Seeing that I was reading Proust at the time,she took me to the Ritz  for a Proustian afternoon of tea and memories. She is extraordinarily sensitive. She spent a great deal of time preparing each class and made the week perfect. My second week was spent in Normandy with friends, and on the way we stopped for a horse show at Chantilly. One of my friends said she couldnt understand a word that the speaker was saying. I said, proudly, that I understood some seventy-five percent because I had just spent a week listening to Pascale!”

Robbi, Connecticut


« Having attended a few intensive language courses in Paris in the past, for this trip I was looking for something a bit different and more personal. I was so fortunate to find “Paris Version à la Française” and to spend a wonderful afternoon with Pascale, exploring new neighborhoods and practicing my French with her gentle and encouraging guidance. I made more progress in an afternoon than I had after weeks in a classroom. Truly this was one of the best experiences I have had in Paris ever…merci à vous Pascale !  »

Lisa, San Francisco

« Thank you so much for an extraordinary day. To stroll Paris speaking french with you was by far one of the most wonderful things I have ever done in my many trips to Paris. To see Paris through your eyes, to speak with you in french, and to ask you questions about the language and culture was unforgettable. It really was like having a friend in Paris; A wonderful, chic, smart and connnected friend. Thanks again, and I so look forward to spending more time with you in the future, exploring, experiencing and talking about Paris. But mostly I look forward to talking about Paris with you in french. Thank you for sharing your great city and language with me it was truly unforgettable. »

David, California


« One of the really neat things about the internet is that, if you’re smart, you can use it to meet people that in former times never would have been possible. A case in point is “Paris-version- française” http://www.parisvf.com. I’m so glad I was introduced to this wonderful website and the people who created it. Paris is a complicated and complex place and much of its charm lies beyond the Eiffel Tower and the other “tourist” monuments. At its center are the wonderful French people themselves, some of whom are willing to share their Paris experience with others. The Parisian experience is so very much more personal and worthwhile when you have Parisians willing to share their unique city and their own Parisian experience with those from far away. I am really glad I didn’t miss it. My interest in and knowledge of Paris and French culture have grown enormously, and now I’ve decided to continue my study of the French language. It’s so nice to be accepted at the level one is, and then with encouragement, to find oneself expanding like an emerging butterfly »

Dorothy, Minnesota


« I am currently taking an online, French course. The teacher makes it very interesting since, she not only checks my language proficiency to revise what I might have forgotten, but puts herself into my intellectual and cultural level. This is what makes courses to be enjoyable and very interesting.The name of the teacher is Pascale Heuzé. »
Guillermina, Caracas, Venezuela